Tapestry Comfort Girth

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Revolutionary new patented girth design that breathes with your horse minimizing pressure points and stress improving performance and well-being. The patented Tapestry Comfort girth has 3 key components. The 2 layers of webbing hug the part of the horse's ribcage that does the most expansion when the horse breathes thus minimizing restriction and pressure points. The solid piece of webbing runs from end to end of the girth. The webbing that crosses starts at one end, is cut in the middle of the sternum pad to prevent bunching and then carries on to the other end. The Sternum pad for is another key part of this revolutionary girth design. The part that contacts the horse is a quality non-slip neoprene that keeps the girth in place and minimizes the side-to-side rocking of the saddle. It promotes equal distribution of pull when the rider tightens the girth equally on both sides. There is a D-ring attachment for martingales and breastplates. The buckle ends and the part of the Sternum pad that does not contact the horse are made of high quality leather which makes the price point of this girth attractive. The buckles and D-Ring are made from high quality stainless steel.

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