Equifit Blanket Bib

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As comfortable as it looks. The BlanketBib™ is the answer to rubs, pinching & pressure from blankets. 

The Technical Stuff:
  • Unique design relieves pressure of blankets against the chest & shoulders that may cause rubs, prevents front buckles from pinching & closes the gap between front buckle closures
  • Durable, breathable SmartFabric™ outer is woven with antibacterial silver to help guard against microbial growth and is paired with the softness of a SheepsWool™ liner which naturally promotes breathability, moving excess heat away from the body, is hypoallergenic & naturally water & odor resistant
  • Featuring a T-Foam™ core that conforms to the body for a custom fit every time with an open cell structure that is self ventilating to prevent overheating
  • Can be used with a single blanket or layered
  • Made in USA