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In the summertime, untanned hands are a tell-tale sign that someone has been spending a lot of time on horseback. Some equestrians are proud of it. Others aren’t. The Tan Thru® material developed by Solar guarantees makes sure that the backs of your hands are evenly tanned. The glove has to fit perfectly, because Tan Thru® has an sun protection factor (UPF) of 4-8 that depends on how much the material is stretched. The material feels light and airy, fits snuggly like a second skin, is elastic and yet durable. We think ahead: to ensure a seamless tan, we moved the fastener to below the palm. The palm itself is made from MICRO-AIR, a very comfortable, thin and lightweight material. Thanks to the micro-perforation, this exclusive material is particularly breathable, making it ideal for the summertime. Convenient: MICRO-AIR is TOUCHSCREEN COMPATIBLE, allowing you to use your smartphone without having to take off your gloves.

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